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#18 God uses you in so many things – Peter Oakman

“But God is so rich in mercy and he loves us so much, that even though we are dead because of our sins he raised Christ from the dead” – Ephesians 2:4

  1. Peter is a humble blessed Christian, husband and father.
  2. Peter’s arrogant attitude about his family member who became pregnant out of wedlock, led him to his favorite verse. He met an ex-prostitute/drug-addict from New Zealand on a plane who heard his story, read him Ephesians 2:4, and said you must love that family member no matter what, the way God loves me.
  3. Biggest Weakness – Worrying about the future and living in God’s peace. Stresses about living up to expectations.
  4. Biggest Strength – Implement Jesus’s teachings and spread the word through all types of people.
  5. To experience God’s voice Peter pays attention to how he feels and it becomes undeniable. He says pay attention to the nudge in your heart and ask God if it’s him.
  6. Dark Time – Freshman & Sophomore year of college spent partying a lot and living selfishly. He thought that going to church on Sundays was enough to be a good Christian. Spent too much time drinking and trying to hook up with girls.
  7. Went to Florida for the summer and decided to let God in. Peter went to church and met a girl who invited him to a pool party. Her friends were happy, joyful people and they showed him how to have fun being a Christian and having a relationship with God.
  8. Biggest Obstacle – Going back to school and seeing a drinking buddy who said he was being lame.
  9. Best advice – Open your heart and let God work on the small things. Don’t overlook the simple ways God wants to speak to you.
  10. God’s Man of Influence means to be blessed, loved and used by God.
  11. Member of Viewpoint Church – Newport Beach
  12. Baptized – January 1991
  13. Best Advice he’d ever been given – “Live in your present” – Mike Ditka.

Recommended Book – “Blue Light Jazz” – Donald Miller

“When Men Think Private Thoughts” – Pastor Gordon MacDonald

Favorite Charity – “Young Life” and “African Renewal Ministries”

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