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#19 Prison Turns Ex-con Into Pastor – Pastor Bob Tucker

  1. Biggest Weakness – Bob has trouble sometimes trusting God absolutely. Recently he had open heart surgery and was reminded to trust God. It’s a challenge from day to day.
  2. Biggest Strength – Knowing that he is weak reminds him to stay vigilant.
  3. Dark Time – When Pastor Bob facing 23 years in prison spent 2 years locked up not knowing the outcome.
  4. Pastor Bob’s transformation – During that 2 years of uncertainty a transformation took place. He now considers prison a time out and a chance to relearn the person he wanted to be. Many times he prayed “Lord all I want is to be a Godly man”, but he had all the attributes that were the opposite. He spent day and night in his cell with the Lord.
  5. Incarceration – Pastor Bob was sentenced to only 7 years. In prison there were moments when his life was threatened when he was asked to stray from his new path and refused. Ultimately, becoming a true Christian garnered him respect and he was left alone. He believed it was a test of his faith.
  6. While in prison, Pastor Bob helped others transform as well. He learned to trust that God would bring people to him when they were open and needed to hear the Word.
  7. Joining Society – Getting out of jail was a difficult adjustment. Pastor Bob was constantly worried that he would make a mistake by accident and be sent back, but soon the Holy Spirit calmed him and gave him a purpose.
  8. Pastor Bob opened a recovery halfway house for those recently out of prison.
  9. “God is the only one who knows our heart and he loves us. He must become real in our lives. Peace and joy can only come from the Lord” – Pastor Bob Tucker
  10. To Be A God’s Man of Influence – You must become a walking testimony of change. Use words only when necessary.
  11. Pastor Bob attends River Church of Costa Mesa
  12. He was baptized on the prison yard.
  13. Best advice – The only battle worth winning, requires surrender and is between the Flesh and the Spirit.

Recommended Book – “From Surviving To Significance” and “Christian Families In Recovery”

Favorite Charity – Spirit of Life Recovery.

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