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#26 Ex-homosexual man saved by God – Jim Domen Part 1

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence,[a] and violent people have been raiding it.” – Matthew 11:12

  1. Jim does not consider himself a Gay man, because he does not identify himself as a sinner.
  2. Biggest weakness – The homosexual lifestyle is always a temtation.
  3. Biggest Strength – Being a disciple for men. When men are vulnerable with each other we find our strength.
  4. Dark Time – Went through depression and wanted to kill himself. His understanding of depression helps him minister. Jim also believes depression was tied to his attraction to men.
  5. Started with cybersex at 23. Had his first physical interaction in Portland when a man flew out from Chicago to have sex. Jim felt if God made him that way, then he would act upon it.
  6. Jim feels we don’t know what causes the sexual disfunction. There’s no scientific evidence that there’s a gay gene. He believes that homosexuality is caused by environment and based on relationship with with a parent of the same sex.
  7. God has a way of healing and restoring us and he was able to restore his relationship with his dad whom Jim felt was much closer with his brother.
  8. Whatever gifts God gives your sons come along side them and support those gifts even if they’re different from your gifts.
  9. During his dark time Jim lost everything financial and was homeless. God started doing small miracles to move him along the process of recovery.
    Jim moved home with every intention of financially recovering and continuing with the homosexual lifestyle. Dad took him out to celebrate that his son had come home.

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