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#28 Satan vs Jesus and the man who lived through it! – Joe Jarvies

After surviving many brushes with death, a business relationship with a mobster and turning down a billion dollar deal in the oil industry, Joe Jarveis gave himself to the Holy Spirit and became a true God’s man of Influence.

Verse John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

  1. Biggest Weakness – Fallibility of being a man.
  2. Biggest Strength – Knowledge of the Word of God.
  3. Joe was forced into religion as a child and at age 13 walked away from God and enabled Satan to gain a foothold in his life.
  4. At the age of 39 after many trials he asked Jesus into his life and confessed that he was a man of sin on October 8th, 1984. His life changed right then.
  5. Joe’s wife said his conversion was a con and he knew it was Satan trying to get him back.
  6. Dark time – Up until age 40 Joe was always planning for the future and was constantly being threatened by Satan. He was born as a breach, was in a plane crash at age 3, in 2 car crashes before age 5, blown off the Bay Bridge and blown back on at age 5 etc….
  7. At age 37 Joe found himself in the home of a head of a mafia family in the south. Soon he was buying a home from him and they were friendly. For some reason the man admitted that he had killed Bobby Kennedy. He was an old man and didn’t know why he told Joe, but 2 weeks later he was indicted and put under house arrest for the rest of his life.
  8. Joe felt during this time period he was going to die at any time.
  9. A big realization was when Joe saw the evilness of money. The people at the top of the energy industry were being run by an evil power. At this time, Joe turned down a funding package that would’ve made him a Billionaire.
  10. Joe was shaken deeply when he fell asleep behind the wheel and heard a voice from the backseat say to “take the deal” and then heard a voice in his mind saying “come follow me”.
  11. Next the IRS seized his assets and a Lawyer friend offered to pay off his ranch so that Joe wouldn’t lose it. He ended up hiding the money in Europe and Joe saw another sign that he was being assaulted by Satan.
  12. The final straw was when Joe befriended an elderly woman who gave him scriptures and was being starved by her 2 children. She died soon after Joe tried to convince her to do something about her kids.
  13. It took Joe 2 weeks to convince the head of a church to to baptize him, but he finally was in October of 1984.
  14. God sent 2 mentors to Joe who lived with him for 3 months. They lived in the word dissecting one scripture a day.
  15. A man came into Joe’s life who gave him $750 every week for 6 weeks as long as he studied the Word.
  16. Joe entered into Real Estate in early 2000’s.
  17. Advice – Accept God into your life and then ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  18. God’s Men of Influence – Do not allow mediocrity into his life. He will be an influence for those coming to him looking for the Word of God.
  19. The only time Joe prays is when he’s interceding on behalf of someone.

Recommended Book – “Desire of Ages” & “The Great Controversy” – by Ellen G. White

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