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#38 Pastor’s Opinion on Marriage and Other Christian Hot Topics – Dr. Roger Tirabassi

Age is not a criteria for maturity says Dino’s guest Christian couples counselor Dr. Roger Tirabassi.  In this episode Dr. Tirabassi discusses marriage, Tithing, Tattoos and Free Will.  Take a listen to this in depth look at a Pastor’s beliefs on issues that affect us all.


“A noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he stands” – Isaiah 32:8


  1. Marrying Young – Age is not a good criteria for maturity, so that is the more important thing.  There is a higher divorce rate for couple who marry younger.  The male brain isn’t even fully developed until 25 years old.
  2. Premarital Program – A good program should decrease the risk of divorce by 35%.
  3. What Makes A Good Husband – Have an older more experienced mentor.  Pride has to go.  Go to a marriage conference every year.  Pray together every day.
  4. When in marriage give affirmation, kisses, apology and time out process process.
  5. When a spouse changes – When children get our attention, the marriage will suffer if we are not attending to it.
  6. Enduring problems and preserving are what keeps a marriage together.
  7. Tithing – God wants us to have a responsive heart to what we were given.
  8. God’s plan or Free Will? – God tries to show us what to do, but gives us the free-will to do what we will.
  9. We have a just God who would never send someone to hell in an unjust way.

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