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#39 “Stuck on Stupid” Without God – Tony Alessandra

Pride makes it very difficult to be a great leader as a husband, father, business owner and Christian, but it is always there.  The enemy wants us to be prideful and put ourselves before God.  On this episode, Dino’s guest Tony Alessandra professes that he must always remember that God is in charge and he must lead his community by the example of service not words.  Take a listen to Tony’s very personal and inspirational walk with God.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” – Proverbs 3:5


  1. Tony needs reminders that God is there and on his side.  He feels “stuck on stupid” when he walks alone, so he now creates a very personal walk with God.
  2. Biggest Weakness – There are times when he backslides and thinks only of himself.  In those moments he has to remind himself that God’s in charge.  Pride and ego build when things are going well and then you crash.
  3. Biggest Strength – Leading by example.  Tony tries very hard to let his walk speak louder than his words.
  4. There is no need to judge anyone.  Only God is perfect.
  5. Dark Time – When Tony went to college he forgot that God was there for him and spent those years focusing on himself and what he wanted.
  6. At age 27 his friend moved in and they began doing bible study in the morning.
  7. A-ha moment – When Tony began asking God to help him find his wife she appeared and they married 3 months after beginning their relationship.  He then knew he had to re-commit to God.  They’ve been married for 22 years.
  8. Advice – Don’t put your ego first.  Serve the person you’re with as well as the relationship.
  9. Transition from Catholicism to Christianity was ego because he went from a rigid to fluid relationship with God.
  10. Be bold and ask God into your life.  Also, become part of a great church that suits you.
  11. God’s Men of Influence – Be a man of God in the workplace so that you may lead.
  12. Tony is a member of Capo Beach Church.
  13. Tony was baptized as a baby and again at age 31.
  14. The closer Tony gets to God, the more he realizes he’s still far away.
  15. Best advice given – Rick Warren “Choose to Grow from it instead of Go from it”.  Leaders don’t run.
  16. Recommended Book – “Jesus Calling” – Sarah Young
  17. Favorite Charity – Boystown

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