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#71 – Army Vet Discovers Faith In God’s Power Helps With PTSD – Beau Dobbs

      1. Single Dad Beau Dobbs knows that his greatest purpose in life is to be a good father.  Though as an army veteran he suffers  with PTSD, Beau looks to God to support him with his children and with his struggles.  His life is changing in powerful ways.“ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” – Philippians 4:6
        1. Greatest purpose in Beau’s life is to be a good father and a good Christian man.
        2. Beau’s blog is called “A Call To Manhood” at
        3. Biggest Weakness – Surrendering to God’s plan.  Whenever Beau plans his own life, God erases it.
        4. Biggest Strength – Beau’s ability to turn to prayer and have faith that God will provide in his perfect time.
        5. Dark Time – January of 2014.  Beau had been suffering from PTSD for 10 years and depression.  God was trying to get Beau’s attention and in Oct he had a near fatal car accident and in November his grandfather passed away.
        6. As Beau asked God about what to do with work, his boss didn’t renew his contract, but God provided and he had a new job that day.  His girlfriend left him, but Beau felt the hand of God.
        7. Beau was never a believer and struggled with the definitions of good and evil during his time in the Army.  Why did God let evil exist?
        8. Beau took his children to church, but was never a follower until recently.  He believes that the Lord was slowly working on him and bringing him to faith.
        9. He began to realize that he was not the man he used to be, but he was beginning to have faith that God had a plan.
        10. PTSD affects everyone differently.  The VA is a great organization, but there are many other organizations as well like “Wounded Warrior”.
        11. Chaplains in the military and Christian friends were instrumental in helping him find God.
        12. Beau has been raising his kids now as Christians and they help to keep him accountable.  It’s something that they share.
        13. In a short time since Beau surrendered to God, powerful things have happened.
        14. Recommended Book: “Manly Men” by Stephen Mansfield


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