God’s Men of Influence Podcast

God’s Men of Influence, host Dino Katsiametis interviews Christian men that are leaders in their community. They discuss the different ways that they can improve the lives of the people in their community. The mission is to facilitate an environment where men can help each other be the best version of themselves and mentor each other through the task of creating a world that God wishes for us. One that is peaceful…one that is prosperous…and one that is so filled with unconditional hope and love that we can’t help, but wake up everyday feeling joyous. Men who are empowered to be leaders can have an incredible impact on the women, children and families that surround them. This is the dream of the host Dino Katsiametis as well as the many people who support and contribute every week to the continuing education we receive at God’s Men of Influence.

#41 Crystal Meth, Blackouts, Hospitals and a Young Man’s Struggle – Connor Stephenson

A young man addicted to Crystal Meth and Bath Salts is dealing up to 500 pills of ecstasy at a time and doesn’t know how to break away.  A very bloody blackout and hospital visit finally turns his attention to God.  Listen to Connor Stephenson’s testimony from his really dark

#39 “Stuck on Stupid” Without God – Tony Alessandra

Pride makes it very difficult to be a great leader as a husband, father, business owner and Christian, but it is always there.  The enemy wants us to be prideful and put ourselves before God.  On this episode, Dino’s guest Tony Alessandra professes that he must always remember that God
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#38 Pastor’s Opinion on Marriage and Other Christian Hot Topics – Dr. Roger Tirabassi

Age is not a criteria for maturity says Dino’s guest Christian couples counselor Dr. Roger Tirabassi.  In this episode Dr. Tirabassi discusses marriage, Tithing, Tattoos and Free Will.  Take a listen to this in depth look at a Pastor’s beliefs on issues that affect us all.   “A noble man makes noble

#37 How an Atheist became a Christian Pastor – Dr. Roger Tirabassi

God works miracles and this one is especially amazing.  In this episode, Dino’s guest Dr. Roger Tirabassi tells the story of how he grew up to be a committed Atheist until, after a night of counseling himself over a failed marriage he heard the voice of God.   “A noble man makes

#36 Asking Jesus Into Your Life – Robert Trommler

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to ask Jesus into our lives.  As human beings we tell ourselves all sorts of things like, “I don’t need Jesus” or “There’s nothing he can do that I can’t do myself”.  Do you recognize the trainwreck that’s coming?  In this episode
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#34 NFL Athlete brings faith/sports to kids – Mark Boyer

Mark is an ex NFL football player for the Indianapolis Colts and the NY Jets and a Christian.  Through his struggle and search for his identity after his career ended Mark realized that being an inspirational coach was his future.  17 years ago he founded the first California Camp of
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