God’s Men of Influence Podcast

God’s Men of Influence, host Dino Katsiametis interviews Christian men that are leaders in their community. They discuss the different ways that they can improve the lives of the people in their community. The mission is to facilitate an environment where men can help each other be the best version of themselves and mentor each other through the task of creating a world that God wishes for us. One that is peaceful…one that is prosperous…and one that is so filled with unconditional hope and love that we can’t help, but wake up everyday feeling joyous. Men who are empowered to be leaders can have an incredible impact on the women, children and families that surround them. This is the dream of the host Dino Katsiametis as well as the many people who support and contribute every week to the continuing education we receive at God’s Men of Influence.

# 53 Discovering Intimacy – Mark Howerton

What causes conflict in marriage?  What typically causes conflict to escalate in relationships?  What are the characteristics of a conflict-free or low-conflict relationship? In this episode marriage and family counselor Mark Howerton provides the secrets to discovering true intimacy in your relationships.  He and Dino discuss: Rules for a fair fight Faulty
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# 52 Five Tips For Practical Parenting – Mark Howerton

How do you discipline your child properly?  Well, first you start from day one.  If a child is not disciplined early, they begin to believe that their way is preferable and then they demand it.  This erodes empathy and creates narcissism.  If not kept in check, a narcissist heads their
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#51 Surrender vs. Struggle, Host Dino Katsiametis Gives His Testimony

Struggle was a big part of host Dino Katsiametis’ life until he surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Dino struggled through infidelity, divorce, financial ruin and a party lifestyle.  Through Christian teaching and men’s group Dino found stability and created the God’s Men of Influence ministry.  Prayer and scripture now lead his

#50 Divorce, Financial Ruin and the Struggle For Faith – Mike Parker

After his second divorce, Mike Parker was broke and without hope.  He didn’t have enough money to provide Christmas for his boys and he spent all his time on the road trying to spend time with his daughter.  Friends and faith were the things that Mike needed to hold onto. “Consider

#49 The Difference Between Success and Significance – Ted Cheng

Ask yourself the question “What’s the Difference Between Success and Significance?”  That’s what Ted Chang had to discover so that he could keep his family together.  Ted had all the money and professional success that he could ever want, but at what cost? “Trust in the Lord with all your heart
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# 48 Prison Is the Result of My Greed! – Reniero Francisco

Greed and lack of gratitude for God’s gifts landed Reniero Francisco in prison.  With his partner, Reniero started a hedge fund and lost all of his client’s money.  Fear and ego kept him from being upfront with those who invested and Reniero tried to cover it up with his own
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#47 Life and Death “God is good, even when horrible things happen” – Mark Howerton

  God is immensely greater than anything we can imagine or understand.  Mark Howerton became very in tune with the essence of his faith when working as a Pastor at Rock Harbor he was critically injured on the 55 when he was struck by a speeding car while trying to assist
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