God’s Men of Influence Podcast

God’s Men of Influence, host Dino Katsiametis interviews Christian men that are leaders in their community. They discuss the different ways that they can improve the lives of the people in their community. The mission is to facilitate an environment where men can help each other be the best version of themselves and mentor each other through the task of creating a world that God wishes for us. One that is peaceful…one that is prosperous…and one that is so filled with unconditional hope and love that we can’t help, but wake up everyday feeling joyous. Men who are empowered to be leaders can have an incredible impact on the women, children and families that surround them. This is the dream of the host Dino Katsiametis as well as the many people who support and contribute every week to the continuing education we receive at God’s Men of Influence.

#81 How Do You Reconcile the Death of a Child With Faith – Pastor Erik Rees

March 3, 2011, Jessie Rees (age 11) was diagnosed with an incurable form of Brain Cancer.  She moved to heaven on Jan 5, 2012 and Erik knows that through Jesus he will see her again.  Erik has to invest in his family everyday, there is no rewind button.  This is

#80 Fear, Insecurity, Anxiety and the Healing Message of the Bible – Mark Giraud

What happens when you grow up lacking affection from your parents?  Insecurity, fear of transitions and anxiety ruled Mark Giraud until he read his bible and began to heal.“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,
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#79 God Wrecked Him In Order To Help Him – John Tumminello

God will show a man who he’s been so that he can change who he will be.  This is a lesson that John Tumminello learned when he woke up having everything, looked in the mirror and hated himself.“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me

#78 Pornography Always Leads to Greater Sin – James M

Pornography is not a victimless crime and led James M down the path to divorce and even greater sin.  In his testimony James talks about the difference between going to church and taking the time to know God in your day to day life.“Finally, be strong in the Lord and

#77 Love Thy Neighbor Even When He (your dad) Doesn’t Deserve It – Caleb Vaden

The Devil loves it when we doubt ourselves, but the truth is that God loves us no matter what.  If we remember our faith and put our lives in God’s hands, the we have nothing to fear and no reason to doubt.  In this episode Caleb Vaden talks about God,
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#76 God Took A Gun from A Man’s Mouth and Brings Back A Man’s Family To Save Him From His Diagnoses of MS – Brian Croom

Brian Croom was addicted to drugs and alcohol in high school and women in his 20’s.  He was an adulterer and lost his job and his family.  With a gun in his mouth he heard God’s Voice and was saved.   Now diagnosed with MS, Brian has his family back, a

#75 Left To Die As A Baby and Saved by the Lord Part 2 – Mauricio Rodriguez

Forgiveness is the key to freedom.  God wants us to look at all people through his eyes and at that moment you can forgive anything.  Mauricio Rodriguez was thrown down a hole in an out house in Nicaragua and left to die by his biological mother.  God saved him and
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